Executive Order 13603 — National Defense Resources Preparedness

President Obama signed EO 13603 on March 16, 2012.

The purpose is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950. It provides the framework and authority for the allocation or appropriation of resources, materials and services to promote national defense.

It is an update and it is not much different from prior EO’s on the National Defense Resources Preparedness. However, one difference which is concerning to some is that the definition “national emergency” is now broader and it is quite vague. There were other subtle changes that might be of interest.

The EO includes all of Obama’s out-of-control agencies and they would have unlimited power if the president declared a “national emergency.

Executive Order 13603 — National Defense Resources Preparedness allows the government to completely control our lives through the “industrial and technological base,” should the president declare a national emergency.

EO 13603 gives Obama the power over all commodities and products capable of being ingested by human beings and animals; all forms of energy; all forms of civil transportation; all usable water from all sources; health resources; forces labor such as military conscription; and federal officials can issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”

EO 13603 is the plan to control our economy and our lives in the event of a crisis
endangering our national security. There are no checks and balances written into the EO.

Will a cyber threat be used as an excuse to use this authority?

Will an economic crisis cause the president to take over retirement
funds using this EO?

The Supreme Court tried to establish some limitations. It asserted the principle that an executive order (1) “must stem either from an act of Congress or from the Constitution itself” and (2) “an executive order must not be “incompatible with the express or implied will of Congress.”

But many executive orders are in a twilight zone of dubious
constitutional legitimacy if not open defiance of the Constitution, especially when they amount to lawmaking without congressional approval. Very few of the thousands of executive orders have ever been challenged legally.

Members of Congress don’t always seem to know much about them. At one point, for example, they were shocked to discover that there were executive orders providing the president with enormous stand by powers that could be implemented on a moment’s notice.



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